Probably each of you at the beginning of the adventure with learning a foreign language wondered how to start. Some focus on vocabulary, others meticulously learn grammar, pronunciation and spelling. Still others say that it is worth learning the culture of a given country first, as the first step to success in learning a new language. How to learn Spanish?

Benefits of learning Spanish

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of this language is that it is the second most used among the human population. Over 400 million people on all continents use it for everyday communication. Most often in the Americas, Europe, north-eastern parts of Africa and some regions of Asia and Oceania.

Spanish is the native language of 332 million people and the official language in 21 countries.

How should you learn Spanish?

Two basic principles known to everyone – regularity and consistency.

  1. Take at least an hour a day. You can divide this time into four quarters of an hour, or into six ten-minute sessions throughout the day. It’s best to use this time when you just remember words, write an email or text in Spanish to your friends.
  2. Are you preparing dinner for a loved one or do you want to surprise them with something? Take the opportunity, choose a dish and find the recipe on Spanish culinary pages. Without knowing any of the ingredients you will be forced to translate it. At the same time, write this word to your flashcard! When serving dinner, say “que aproveche!” (read: ke approval) instead of “tasty”! How simple is that, right?
  3. Read a lot! Choose Spanish press and literature. Develop your vocabulary. Start with simple texts. They can be, for example, children’s stories, where the vocabulary is simple. Go from level to level to something more difficult.

    How to learn Spanish?
  4. Maybe your passion is music or cinema? Choose Spanish songs and movies. Listening to lyrics in another language will quickly remember the words of the songs. It is also probably the easiest way to practice pronunciation.
  5. Don’t forget to play with Spanish. Play flashcards, Spanish scrabble, puns or the popular taboo game. It can be a lot more fun when you prepare sangria together with your friends.
  6. Are you a traveler and for you all roads lead to Spain? If so, go back there as often as possible! Nothing replaces learning a language in a country where it is the official language. Be among the local people, watch, “eavesdrop”, learn!
  7. Sign up for a Spanish language course at our school. Nothing replaces interaction with the teacher and interesting lessons in a friendly atmosphere.

During the classes it is not about error-free mastering of Spanish grammar, but on achieving communication skills that will give results when communicating with people. 



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