This is a frequently asked question among adult learners and asking such a question obviously makes sense. Knowledge of business English often enables you to get a new job or get a promotion at work. Another advantage is the ease of making business contacts that can benefit you at different stages of your career. In this article you will find practical advice on how to work on improving your business English.

Development under the supervision of a professional and self-improvement

There are many different factors that determine success in learning business English. An important element is an appropriate assessment of the level. The next step is the choice of the course and its specifics. You can choose between individual or group courses. An important part of education is self-improvement that consists of self-study of the material: repetition, consolidation and learning. An ideal example of a self-study is reading business press, watching news or listening to many podcasts in English.

Why can you not see any progress?

Often, despite a lot of work, money and time, no results are seen. Many learners summarize it in the following sentence: „I get nowhere”. Indeed, the probability is high if you are dealing with the following problems:

1. Lack of motivation and engagement
2. Self-directed learning is not effective

These two reasons often ruin any progress in business English. The first reason often makes adults give up learning or assume that they will not be able to learn anything new anyway. The situation is no more optimistic if, despite engagement, there is a lack of effectiveness in individual learning. It is a good idea to ask the tutor for methodological tips. Furthermore, you should take care to use an active way of acquiring knowledge. For example, if you listen to a business podcast and do not focus on it much, you will find it difficult to check your understanding of the spoken text, let alone remember business phrases and consolidate those that have already appeared elsewhere.

Regularity is the key to success

Learning any language, including business English, should be regular. Long breaks in learning, irregular work on the language only make things worse and cause doubts and questions about progress and practical skills. There can be less learning and it can vary in intensity but it should be regular. It is facilitated by a pre-determined and carefully prepared plan that also includes writing down learning objectives.


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