All types of cosmetic product must be sold in suitable packaging. Whether face cream or body lotion, it must be packaged in such a form that it can be stored comfortably at home for a long time. This is why every manufacturer of cosmetics packaging offer various types of packaging. It is worth taking a look at the most popular packaging used by chemists and pharmacies.

Packaging matched to the product

Cosmetic packaging should be suited to the type of substance and its properties. It must protect the product from the harmful effects of external factors. The manufacturer of cosmetics packaging should consider the effects of light and moisture, which can destabilize the product. The packaging should also be convenient to use and resistant to damage both at home and when travelling. If the packaging contains a cosmetic that is sensitive to sunlight, it is necessary to use a material that will not let the sunlight through.

Convenient cosmetic jars

One of the most commonly used packaging for cosmetics are jars. They are manufactured from glass or plastic. They can be used to store a variety of products, including creams and body butters. The jar is usually closed with a screw cap, but may also be additionally protected with a layer of aluminium foil or other material to separate the cosmetic from the environment. Cosmetic jars are a very convenient type of packaging. The substance can be taken out until it is completely exhausted, and the packaging itself can be used for other purposes later.

Bottles for liquid products

For cosmetics with a liquid consistency, a different type of packaging is needed. Bottles that can be fitted with a pipette, atomizer or pump are a good solution. Such bottles can be made of glass or high-quality plastic. This ensures their durability and resistance to damage. At the same time, the bottles protect the contents from contamination, even if the cosmetic is used during bathing or other household activities.

Special pharmacy packaging

Product packaging has a major impact on how customers evaluate a company. This is particularly important in the case of pharmacy packaging, as in these places customers are often looking for higher quality products than in popular chemists. For this reason, a high-profile manufacturer of cosmetics packaging pays great attention not only to the durability of the bottle or jar, but also to its appearance. Attractive and practical packaging will be more likely to be used by customers, who may decide to buy the product again.


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