Cockroaches are particularly disliked tenants – they quickly attach to the place, and when they appear, it is difficult to drive them out and stop their reproduction. However, there are several ways to effectively get rid of unwanted guests. How to get rid of cockroaches?

The habits and characteristics of cockroaches

Karalchy are undemanding and omnivorous insects. They can withstand up to 40 days without food. They are able to bear many quite large doses of various poisons, and even radioactive radiation – they withstand 100 times more radiation than humans do. Female cockroach lay about several dozen eggs at a time. During the week they are already adults. During the season, one female increases the size of the cluster by about 200-250 new units, which are also breeding.

Cockroaches are the most liked to host in kitchens and bathrooms, where they feed among food debris and in moisture. During the day, they hide under floors, furniture, carpets in dark crevices. They leave at dusk at dusk or just before dawn. They wander through ventilation ducts and pipes, squeeze through all openings, reproduce and spread very quickly. They appear everywhere, they also leave their droppings, which can be a source of allergies and diseases.

Cockroach poison 

Cockroach poison is one of the most popular methods of combating cockroaches and is extremely effective in confined spaces such as kitchens (both restaurants and residential), food preparation and serving areas, hotels and hospitals. It does not require closing the business and special preparation of the area as in the case of other disinfestation methods. In addition to cockroach poison, in addition to cockroach killing substances, the cockroach poison also has very luring ingredients that encourage insects to eat poison.


How to get rid of cockroaches?

Cockroach poisons come in three forms:

  • liquid
  • gel
  • permanent

The success of cockroach control with bait uses the cannibalistic nature of cockroaches to help effectively remove the invasion. The bait is placed in strategic areas around the object where the cockroaches are found. The toxins contained in the bait not only affect the cockroach, which takes the bait, but also affect other cockroaches through secondary transmission.

Cockroach fumigation 

Fumigation is a more traditional method of cockroach control. This includes the use of insecticides in gas, i.e. a cockroach bomb, e.g. diptron fogger, multifogger or other cockroach bombs, to exterminate cockroaches in a limited space.

Fumigation is generally used as a complementary method to control cockroaches when the number of cockroaches is high.

Natural methods

Homemade ways to fight cockroaches can be really effective. Here are a few of them:

  • The use of a sugar-boric acid mixture (in any proportions) – this acid is available in pharmacies.
  • Other varieties of poisonous substance based on boric acid are, for example, a mixture of boric acid with boiled yolk, flour or potato, and even the addition of slaked lime. We create small balls from this dough, spread it around the house. Food lures insects and then destroys them.
  • Beer – is a cockroach delicacy, but it can also be a trap for them. It’s best to pour beer into the bowl, make it easier for cockroaches to enter it.



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