When reading financial blogs, you often come across phrases such as “extra income” or slogans like “maximize income, invest later”. Sometimes I raise this topic among my friends and I often hear sentences like: “It’s easy to say – a man comes back tired from work, kids, and you need some rest. So when are you still taking extra orders here? I do not have time for it”. How to make extra money?

Earning … by saving.

The basic rule – do not ignore the power of small steps. 5 saved zlotys is not much, if you save once. However, if you save in 10 places for 5 zlotys, you generate over 600 zlotys of savings annually. And that’s something, right? If you are in a situation that you need extra money and you feel that what you have is not enough – start from scratch! Check where your money can run or where you can start saving painlessly. You may find that these funds are enough to achieve your goals


If you like needlework, are patient, creative and talented, try your hand at handicraft. You can do whatever you fancy – postcards, badges, decorations, paintings, candlesticks, napkins, embroidery, drawing, cutting, gluing, sewing … Think what would sell well in a given period (e.g. around Christmas have Christmas decorations, baubles or candlesticks) and start working!

Many companies order personalized gifts or cards for customers. An option is also work on decorations, e.g. for parties, weddings, preparation of headdress decorations.

Clothes, accessories made e.g. crochet or knitwear are also very popular. It’s worth using your skills – but it’s good to check what is already there – and be creative.

How to make extra money?

Animals care

This is a job only for those who really love animals! Animals are not toys, so you can think about this occupation only if you are responsible and conscientious and devoted to these sweet creatures. Many people seek care for their pets during holidays, weekends, business trips or other trips. You can offer paid pet care! Depending on the type and species of animal, you can look after it in your home or visit the owner’s home.

It is also an option to walk the animals during the day – many people work very long and their dog is bored during this time and e.g. destroys the apartment.

Rides together

Traveling by car to work alone? You can change it! Register on one of the driver portals and take your fellow passengers with you. This way, your journeys will not be boring and you will earn extra money. If you like to spend time behind the wheel, then you can earn extra money as a driver of a transport company – e.g. hire in Uber

Skype consultation

If you already know what you know, take advantage of the fact that people need professional knowledge and do not always have time to get it. For them, paid consultations via Skype or Hangouts are a good solution. During one-hour consultations, you can sell knowledge, for example in the fields of accounting, personal development, finance, creating offers and presentations, preparing for job search. There are many possibilities!



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