The first 2-3 months of childbearing are usually accompanied by joy and excitement. Moods change radically, however, after this time the test still shows one dash. This is not a reason to visit the infertility treatment clinic, but certainly a good time to broaden your knowledge about female and male fertility. How to have a baby?

We decide on children at a later age – this is a fact. The pace of life, pursuit of a career, strenuous applications for a mortgage or even a problem with finding the right partner for life, cause that the decision about children is postponed from year to year. It is well known that after the 35th pregnancy can be difficult for a woman. Often, however, we do not expect that problems may occur in young people, e.g. women aged 20-25.

When the golden tips just don’t work

It would seem, then, that we have influence on many factors related to conception and this is often the case. It is not surprising, therefore, that we first try to use the simplest solutions, which in many cases are effective, such as reducing stress, caring for relationships, sleeping, diet control and minimizing stimulants. What’s more – we try to regularly have sex and it’s best in positions that favor fertilization, because they exist.

Can you overdo sex?

Many women think that having sex too often can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. – Women often think that too frequent intercourse reduces the amount of semen or reduces its quality – comments our expert. – In fact, on the contrary: if a man “stores” sperm, it will actually be slightly more, but of lower quality, because some sperm will be dead.

What’s more, having sex more often increases the production of fertility hormones in both men and women. So if you try to enlarge your family, try … as often as possible.

How to have a baby?

What do you have to do as a couple?

We should remember that in the case of procreation, the first contact doctor for a couple is a gynecologist. It is he who, in the event of problems with fertility, commissions tests on both partners, and only later, if the man’s problems result, for example, from anatomy, directs the patient to a urologist. What you should first do as a couple is to visit a doctor, answer all his questions honestly, because sometimes in an interview it is possible to determine the trail to follow. Then it’s time for basic diagnostics.

What can a woman do?

Sometimes, the first, basic research or medical history alone is enough to make one of the most common diagnoses such as insulin resistance, endometriosis, hormonal disorders or polycystic ovary syndrome. Getting pregnant may be more difficult, but not impossible. Especially if we listen to medical recommendations, we take medication.

What can a man do?

Poor sperm quality is taboo for most men and a potential source of complexes. Many of them refuse to think that the problem with getting pregnant can have such a reason, because the quality of sperm is crucial for them in the perception of their masculinity. The most important thing is that men do not rule out this possibility when looking for the reason for the difficulty in getting pregnant by a partner. It often happens that a woman’s hormonal diseases and disorders are one problem, and the quality of sperm is another.


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