Do you miss spending time with your friends? Even your colleagues? Put a smile on someone’s face by sending him a personal letter. You can write to relatives you don’t see at the moment to remind them that you are thinking about them. Some people write to prisoners so that you can find a new friend. How to send a letter?

Select an envelope or postcard

When sending a letter or postcard, the shipping cost depends on the size and shape of the package. You can save money by sending standard sizes that match the automated mail processing equipment.

Size and weight Specify the price

All envelopes must be flat. If the envelope does not fit in the automatic processing device, it is considered unfit for processing, and sending it costs more. Items that are not machinable include uneven or rigid envelopes, and items that have buckles, cords, or buttons. Square or vertical envelopes with an unusual shape will also cost more.


  • Envelopes must be made of paper.
  • Envelopes must be rectangular to qualify for letter prices.
  • Envelopes larger than the Letter size will be charged for the package.
  • Large envelopes must be rectangular to qualify for a flat price.
  • Postcards
  • Postcards must be rectangular to qualify for First Class® prices.
  • Oversized postcards will be charged with a letter or large envelope.
How to send a letter?

Address your letter

Write or print your return address and the address where you send the mail, in the right places to make sure that the mail will be delivered on time.

Address Format

Envelopes with addresses that are not clear or stored in the wrong place may not be delivered.

  • Carefully print the addresses in capital letters.
  • Use a pen or permanent marker.
  • Do not use commas or periods.
  • If possible, attach the ZIP + 4® code.
  • Enter the recipient’s address
  • Enter the recipient’s address at the bottom center of the envelope. Include the following information in separate lines:
  • Recipient’s name or company name
  • Full address and apartment or apartment number, if applicable
  • City, state and zip code + 4

Calculate and apply the postage

The number of stamps needed to send a letter depends on where it is going, its size and weight. A request for acknowledgment of receipt by post or other proof of delivery will add to the price. The current price of First-Class Mail® Forever® is $ 0.55 USD and 0, 35 USD for a postcard.

Tell them how you feel, tell them what you miss them, tell them a joke or something funny that happened in your home. You can send them a recipe for their favorite cake. Write a poem – it can be sensitive or silly. Is your mother a hero? Write a letter to her and tell her why. Just send a letter this week.



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