Apparently people are divided into “early birds” and “night owls”. If you are used to going to bed late, you will have trouble switching to getting up in the morning. However, it is worth taking this effort, because there are many advantages to starting the day early. How to wake up early?

Waking up in the morning before others get up has a big plus – you can calm down before starting the next day. You don’t hear the noise of the cars of people going to work, the crying neighbor’s child behind the wall or other everyday sounds. For many people, this is often the only time when they can calmly drink coffee, rethink their plans, read a book or meditate.

Go to bed early

It’s best to start our small change with going to bed early. If we go to bed at the normal time, as we used to do, and try to get up earlier, it can be a painful experience.

What to do if falling asleep earlier is not your habit and you are afraid that you will not fall asleep.

There are also ways to do this. First of all, turn off your computer and TV first. The same applies to the smartphone. Staring at bedtime in one of these screens gives our brain a clear signal that it is not the time to sleep yet. Instead, drink a cup of tea, take a warm bath and head towards the bed.

Put the alarm clock away from the bed

Yes, now this drastic part. It works for me, I think it’s for you too. Whenever I suddenly have to get up at some inhuman hour, I set my alarm clock away from the bed. I am afraid that otherwise I will turn it off in my sleep and sleep blissfully. Or that I will click naps endlessly.

How to wake up early?

Under no circumstances go back to bed

Since the alarm clock, more or less painfully, forced you to crawl out of bedding, use it! And under no circumstances go back there. I know that autumn, that it’s cold, gray and sometimes gloomy. And that the bed was still so warm and the quilt so nice. But it’s not easy, if we want to get up, the first steps after turning off the alarm clock go straight to the bathroom. Is there a kitchen. I always start the day by turning on the kettle, but it is whoever prefers. Land to leave the bedroom and find a safe distance from the source of our temptations;)

Big children also like prizes

Yes, not only children like to be awarded and motivated in this way to continue. Find an activity or activity that will motivate you to get out of bed early. Perhaps you have small children and these few moments in the morning will allow you to drink coffee and read a book in peace. Or you and your other half both start work early and only bump into each other in the morning in the bathroom or closet. A spare time will allow you to have breakfast together … or at least drink coffee or tea in peace.

Either you run the day or the day runs you

Make the most of your time. If we spend our extended morning on nothing, we can be sure that after a few days we will want to get up early.

It is said that in the morning we are the most productive (seriously, I checked and confirmed it on myself, and I am really, very, far away from the morning bird). So it can happen that getting up earlier you can do a whole lot of things, possibly even more than usual throughout the day. Your mind is refreshed and willing to cooperate. In addition, it spits out creative ideas as per order. 


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