19 Oct

How Much Sleep Should Kids Be Getting Every Day?

Have you ever wondered how much sleep your child should be getting? You may have a little boy at home that is eight years old, and perhaps a teenage girl. If you have noticed that their sleeping habits are not what they used to be, and they are not acting the way they typically do, you may attribute this to not getting enough sleep. If that is the case, you definitely want to consider finding out how much time they are sleeping and get them to sleep as much as possible. However, this prompts the question of how much sleep do they need?

How Much Sleep Do Children Need?

Children, on average, need to get nine hours of sleep every day. This will be more or less depending upon their age. For example, when children are infants, toddlers, and those that are going into preschool, 10 hours a day is highly recommended. Getting sleep does not require them to sleep all at once. They can take naps during the day to get the full 10 hours in. When children reach the age of six, all the way through the age of 11, they need to get nine hours of sleep every day. In most cases, they will catch up on the weekends, primarily because they are going to have a very busy schedule going to school on a weekly basis. When kids reach the age of 12, going through puberty, they need to have a minimum of eight hours of sleep at night. However, when puberty begins, getting 11 hours of sleep is what they ought to be getting. This will allow them to properly recover from all of the changes that are occurring in their body. Additionally, by sleeping more, this allows human growth hormone to be produced in abundance which is what they need to property develop.

What If Your Kids Are Not Getting Enough Sleep?

If your kids are not sleeping enough, then you certainly want to consider changing their schedule to some degree. Perhaps you have them involved in many different sports activities, and after they do their homework, they are absolutely exhausted. You may want to cut back on the activities, perhaps at least one day a week, just so they can catch up on their sleep. If you can do this, this will make them more well-balanced and help them feel better throughout the day.

Other Ways That You Can Improve How Much They Sleep

Kids should always get plenty of sleep every day. You now know how much sleep kids need based upon their age. If they are not getting enough, try to augment their schedule so that they will be able to get the desired amount of sleep every week. But what if they are still not getting enough sleep, despite changing their schedule? There might be something else going on. At certain ages, they are upset about certain things that may have happened throughout the day. Perhaps they are dealing with a problem at school. Additionally, you may have them doing too much. You may have always imagined them following a similar schedule to what you were doing before. Instead, it’s probably better to talk to them, find out what is bothering them, and then help them create a schedule where getting sleep will be much easier.

Whether you have to speak to your children about what is causing them to not sleep, or by simply cutting back on their activities, you will find a way to help your kids sleep more. It’s very easy to do, but you have to put yourself in their shoes sometimes to figure out what is going on. At the very least, focus on helping them rest at night to the best of your ability. You may need to take them to a physician at some point in time. Either way, your constant focus on them will eventually allow you to help them sleep more regularly.